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Crown AW21 Trends by Crown Paints

Crown AW21 Trends collection by Crown Paints

Dezeen Showroom: integrity and wellbeing are among the themes guiding home finish choices, according to UK paint company Crown Paints, which has released its AW21 Trends collection.

The Crown AW21 Trends collection groups the company's paints into colour palettes around three themes – Integrity, Crystal and Layers.

Crown Paints AW21 Trends timber kitchen with dusky pink and forest green walls
The Integrity trend includes shades such as Steam Engine and Art Deco 9

Integrity reflects people's attitudes post-lockdown, turning towards a slower pace of life and away from the values of a throwaway society. It features muted, nature-inspired hues ranging from dusky Art Deco 9 pink to verdant Steam Engine green.

Crystal considers the impact of colour on health and wellbeing, and how colour psychology theory can be applied to interiors to lift people's moods. It uses pure, crystal-like tones such as Blue Gaze and Teal.

Desk nook with transparent, crystal-like objects and metal furniture against pale blue, grey and teal walls
The Crystal trend promotes health and wellbeing through pure tones such as Soft Ash, Teal and Platinum

The third theme, Layers, takes inspiration from modern architecture and design, with tone-on-tone applications such as Soft Lime, Emerald Vision and Splash of Pepper.

Crown Paints prides itself on innovation and sustainability and has set itself targets to become carbon neutral and fully circular in its production.

Its low-VOC Breatheasy formula is 99.9 per cent solvent-free, so it won't emit harmful fumes while drying.

Product: Crown AW21 Trends
Brand: Crown Paints
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