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LXR18 armchair for Martin Ballendat by Leolux LX

LXR18 armchair by Martin Ballendat for Leolux LX

Dezeen Showroom: furniture brand Leolux LX has launched a rounded armchair designed by German designer Martin Ballendat "for relaxing and lounging".

Developed specifically for the contract market the armchair is designed to be a contemporary addition to offices and public spaces, but could also fit in a modern home.

LXR18 armchair for Martin Ballendat by Leolux LX
Martin Ballendat designed the LXR18 armchair for Leolux LX

"LXR18 is an armchair for relaxing and lounging," said Martin Ballendat.

"Perfect for a resting area in an office or public space. But it also fits perfectly in a residential environment."

LXR18 armchair for Martin Ballendat by Leolux LX
It has a distinctive, rounded form

The chair is formed of two rounded sections that connect to form a distinctive round shape. The seat and back sections are defined by customisable piping.

As with all of Leolux LX's furniture, the LXR18 is made to order and can be upholstered in a range of leather and fabrics.

Table attached to armchair
A small writing table can be attached to the armchair

The armchair is also available with a small writing table topped with oak that can swivel over the seat.

It can be attached to either side of the chair.

Product: LXR18
Martin Ballendat
Leolux LX
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