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An open black oven

Touch Screen Oven by Fisher & Paykel

Dezeen Showroom: New Zealand based appliance brand Fisher & Paykel has released a range of minimalist touch screen ovens, designed to improve the home cooking experience.

Designed to be sleek, customisable and functional, Fisher & Paykel's latest touch screen ovens are equipped with three main cooking options.

The design's touch screen mechanism has been engineered to deliver the same quick and results as a modern mobile phone.

A black and silver touch screen oven
Fisher & Paykel's touch screen ovens come in black and stainless steel

Each oven has three main cooking methods. Cook by Function offers 16 basic cooking options; Cook by Food allows users to change their preferences depending on what they are making; and Cook by Recipe has easy step-by-step guidance with imagery and menus.

Once the meal is ready to be served, Fisher & Paykel's self-clean technology breaks down any food residue at a very high temperature, helping to keep the oven clean and ready for the next meal.

Fisher & Paykel's touch screen oven in black
Each oven has three main cooking options

"When we designed these new ovens we wanted to deliver a product that could seamlessly blend into your kitchen, the clean black glass and touchscreen make this oven disappear into a dark kitchen, which is so useful," says Helen Haider, head of marketing at Fisher & Paykel.

The oven is available in black or stainless steel. Both come in a choice of dialled or completely touch screen.

Product: Touch Screen Ovens
Brand: Fisher & Paykel
Contact: [email protected]

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A black touch screen oven by Fisher & Paykel
A black touch screen oven by Fisher & Paykel
A black touch screen oven by Fisher & Paykel
A black touch screen oven by Fisher & Paykel