A photograph of the earth-coloured Solida tiles

Solida tile range by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces

Dezeen Showroom: Italian brand Fiandre Architectural Surfaces has drawn on the earthy tones found in nature for Solida, a collection of tiles.

The Solida range, which can be used in residential, commercial and public settings is Fiandre Architectural Surfaces' latest collection of neutral-coloured tiles.

A wicker chair on Solida tiles
Solida comes in six earthy colours

The tiles come in six different colours including two brown options called Solida Nut and Solida Brown.

While both are designed to add warmth to a room, Solida Nut references the texture of nuts and seeds whereas Solida Brown is designed to recall soft, brown earth.

Grey tiles on a staircase
The designers wanted the tiles to recall northern stone

The tiles are also available in grey colours. Solida Grey is "stable and balanced" making it adaptable for most rooms and floors.

A lighter grey colour has been used for Solida Anthracite, which includes specks of particles and sediment. For this tile, the brand drew on the advanced stages of carbonisation to inform the design.

A black tile and a white tile make up the final colours of the collection.

Product: Solida
Brand: Fiandre Architectural Surfaces
Contact: [email protected]

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Solida tiles by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces
Solida tiles by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces
Solida tiles by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces