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An image of BetteAir

BetteAir shower tiles by Tesseraux & Partner for Bette

Dezeen Showroom: Tesseraux & Partner has designed the BetteAir shower tiles for bathroom brand Bette to create the appearance of a shower that seamlessly blends into the floor.

The tiles are designed to integrate glazed titanium steel shower trays into bathroom floors. The shower trays come in eight sizes, including 900 to 900 and 1,400 to 1,000 millimetres.

A photograph of BetteAir shower tiles

"This means that shower areas can be created in many dimensions, from the small standard format to the XL area for maximum showering pleasure," said Bette.

The tiles are designed to be durable and easy to clean, ensuring the user's shower spaces are kept clean.

A photograph of BetteAir shower tiles

"BetteAir has all the advantages of a tile without its disadvantages," said designer Dominik Tesseraux of Tesseraux & Partner.

"With the shower tile, the floor of the shower is immaculately beautiful, free of joints and thus absolutely hygienic and easy to clean."

The shower tray comes in a range of finishes and 31 colours. Anti-slip surfaces can also be added.

Product: BetteAir
Brand: Bette
Contact: [email protected]

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