South East Faversham

Prince Charles' plans for a sustainable new town "could use some infrastructure" says commenter

In this week's comments update, readers are debating Prince Charles' plans to build a sustainable new town in Faversham, Kent and discussing other top stories.

Prince Charles' private estate has collaborated with architect Ben Pentreath to create plans for a sustainable town in Faversham.

The town will be built on land owned by the Duchy of Cornwall, which is a private estate founded in 1337 in order to fund projects attached to the Prince of Wales – currently Prince Charles.

"Like a Florida retirement village"

Commenters aren't sold. "Quaint," said Simply Indulgence. "Could use some infrastructure and connectivity!"

Christopher Moore agreed: "There are no cars in any of the sketches. I appreciate it doesn't fit with their worldview, but you cannot just wish them away, especially when anywhere in that area of Kent will expect at least two cars per dwelling."

"Everyone is still going to use cars to get to their white collar work," added Stoney Elephant. "If you don't want that, then what this really is is a retirement village like the ones they have in Florida."

"Country homes for the rich," concluded Derek Birch. "Disappointed in him."

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The Tulip by Foster + Partners
Tulip tower by Foster + Partners set to be given go-ahead

Commenters dub the Tulip "The Covid-19 Swab"

Readers are coining new names for the Tulip tourist attraction, which looks set to be built in London by Foster + Partners. The structure is expected to be given the go-ahead following London mayor Sadiq Khan's previous decision to refuse planning permission.

"Oh!" said Maciej Wyszogrodzki. "It must be now called The Covid-19 Swab".

Frank agreed: "Foster's enduring legacy... The Covid-19 Swab Memorial".

"If you think Brexit was an odd decision, well... take this, Europe!" added Arhmatic.

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Mac Collins sitting on a chair
"I'd like to think I'm having success regardless of my skin colour" says Mac Collins

Readers agree that "talent has nothing to do with skin colour"

Commenters are discussing our interview with furniture designer Mac Collins, in which he says that he "doesn't want to be pigeonholed". Collins recently won the Emerging Designer Medal at the London Design Medal awards.

"Bravo Mac," said Michael. "Your talent has nothing to do with your skin colour. Nice work!"

"This article expressed so many things I feel on a daily basis," continued Brennan Murray. "Our heritages give us insight into the past and can inspire ideas, but I don't think anyone wants to be defined by one singular aspect or facet of themselves."

Lloyd felt similarly: "Why can't we just present Mac as a designer and let the work be the focus? Why do we have to create a subcategory for him as a Black designer? Why is the colour of his skin even being discussed? Aren't we here to talk about design?"

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Sustainability Pavilion at the Dubai Expo
Grimshaw's "completely OTT" Sustainability Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai caused "significant unnecessary emissions"

Commenters are "disappointed" Grimshaw's Sustainability Pavilion "doesn't realise its sustainable goals"

Readers aren't surprised that a sustainable construction consultant has attacked Grimshaw Architects' Sustainability Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai for having an embodied carbon footprint of almost 18,000 tonnes.

"I love the outrageous concept and design of this pavilion," said Flexible Fotography. "I'm really disappointed that it doesn't realise its sustainable goals though."

"We don't need a specialist consultant to tell us this," replied Alfred Hitchcock. "It was already blindingly obvious to anyone who knows about construction."

"Wow really?" joked Hank. "The massive steel building in the desert is not sustainable? Who could have predicted that..."

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