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ABIC Anti-Bacterial Ceramics by Vives

ABIC (Anti-Bacterial Ceramics) by Vives

Dezeen Showroom: Spanish brand Vives has introduced a new feature called ABIC (Anti-Bacterial Ceramics), which gives its tiles permanent hygienic protection.

Vives describes ABIC as "a new type of ceramic product" that reduces the chance of bacteria reproducing and eliminates the presence of viruses on surfaces.

ABIC Anti-Bacterial Ceramics by Vives on the Pangea Nuez tile
ABIC is available on all tiles on the Pangea range, including in the colour Nuez

Unlike standard anti-bacterial finishes, ABIC is integrated into the production process, creating a permanent effect that works by releasing silver ions to sanitise the tile.

Vives claims ABIC has an efficacy of 99.99 per cent in preventing bacterial growth.

ABIC Anti-Bacterial Ceramics by Vives on the Salou Esmeralda tile
ABIC is also available on some tiles in Vives' other ranges, including the Salou Esmeralda

ABIC is offered in a number of Vives' porcelain wall, floor and exterior tiles, including all of the terrazzo-inspired Pangea collection, which comes in a range of neutral colours and sizes ranging up to 120 x 120 centimetres.

It is also available on some tiles in the Luca, Salou and Javea collections. These strong accent tiles help to create distinctive interiors.

Vives is part of Tile of Spain, an association of over 100 Spanish tile manufacturers.

Product: ABIC (Anti-Bacterial Ceramics)
Brand: Vives
Contact: [email protected]

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