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Corian Solid Surface in a kitchen

Corian Solid Surface new colour range by CDUK

Dezeen Showroom: surface design brand CDUK has expanded its Corian Solid Surface range with new colours, providing a number of design options for a seamless look.

Corian Solid Surface by CDUK is a solid surface material suitable for commercial and residential projects, including areas susceptible to wear and tear and high traffic areas such as airports.

The range has been updated with a combination of neutral, warm colours such as Sand Storm, Artista Grey and Artista Dust.

Neutral coloured Coriand Solid surfaces
The Corian Solid Surface range has been updated with new colours

Made with acrylic, the material is designed to be long-lasting, hygienic, cut-resistant and does not fade in sunlight.

Additionally, architects and designers can request bespoke versions with embossed logos and engravings. These are made via thermoforming, which creates various 2D and 3D design options.

Corian Solid Surface by CDUK
Multiple pieces can be glued together to create a seamless piece

Separate pieces of Corian Solid Surface can be glued together inconspicuously to create a seamless look.

Long counters, for example, can be made easily in lightweight pieces in a workshop and then joined together in kitchens, hotels or other spaces.

Product: Corian Solid Surface
Brand: CDUK
Contact: [email protected]

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Corian Solid Surface by CDUK
Corian Solid Surface by CDUK