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Hymn lamp by Hiroto Yoshizoe for Ambientec

Hymn lamp by Hiroto Yoshizoe for Ambientec

Dezeen Showroom: Japanese designer Hiroto Yoshizoe has created the Hymn lamp for Ambientec, using magnets to create a flickering light reminiscent of a candle in a chamberstick.

The Hymn lamp is a portable design that combines the charm of an antique with contemporary ingenuity.

Hymn lamp by Hiroto Yoshizoe for Ambientec
The Hymn lamp produces a warm, flickering glow similar to a candle

The lamp contains a small lens lit with a warm LED light that sits pendulum-like on a sculptural metal loop. When the lamp is turned on, two magnets repel the lens, making it move with tiny, constant oscillations that follow an unpredictable rhythm.

Yoshizoe exhibited an early prototype of Hymn at the 2019 Salone Satellite in Milan, where it got the attention of Ambientec founder and CEO Yoshinori Kuno and was subsequently developed with the brand for two years.

Hymn lamp by Hiroto Yoshizoe for Ambientec
The effect is created through a pendulum-like lens suspended between two magnets

"Hymn avoids being a slavish imitation of a flame," said Kuno. "Beginning with Hirot Yoshizoe's inspired idea and respecting its originality, we chose not to fall into the trap of a realistic, didactic effect."

"Rather, we aimed to create a new concept of intimate, moving light by combining LED technology, magnets and lens in an unexpected way."

Hymn's base and handle is made of anodised aluminium with either a gold or black finish, and the lamp is both waterproof and durable, making it suitable for the outdoors as well as indoors.

Product: Hymn
Designer: Hiroto Yoshizoe
Brand: Ambientec

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