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Marmoleum Linear linoleum flooring by Forbo

Marmoleum Linear linoleum flooring by Forbo Flooring

Dezeen Showroom: Forbo Flooring has expanded its Marmoleum Linear collection of linoleum flooring, which the brand says is carbon neutral and made with all plant-based materials.

Composed of linseed oil, waste wood flour and jute, the Marmoleum Linear flooring features a softly striped design with an organic feel.

Marmoleum Linear flooring by Forbo
Marmoleum Linear features a softly striped pattern inspired by wood grain (top and above)

The new additions to the collection expand its neutral palette with more greys and light tones, bringing the total number of colour options to 16.

Marmoleum Linear's patterns reference wood but do not try to imitate it. Instead, the designs use the repetition of irregular stripes to create an impression of softness and comfort.

"With this new Linear collection we move away from the institutional look of public spaces and strive to bring the warmth and calm ambience out of home environments," said Forbo Flooring.

Marmoleum Linear linoleum flooring by Forbo
Different colours of Marmoleum Linear can be used to mark out spaces

The striped patterning on Marmoleum Linear can be used to create directional and connective design between areas within a building while different colours can be used to mark out spaces such as waiting areas or play corners.

The linoleum flooring is PVC-free and according to Forbo Flooring, its production is carbon neutral without the need for offsetting due to the amount of CO2 that is sequestered from the atmosphere by the plants throughout their lifetime.

Product: Marmoleum Linear
Brand: Forbo Flooring
Contact: [email protected]

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