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Lunar Artefacts aims to bridge the gap between design and technology with hand-crafted computer mouse

Dezeen promotion: British brand Lunar Artefacts has created a computer mouse as part of its range of hand-crafted computer peripherals and gadgets.

Named the Pointer Instrument, the mouse is one of several computer peripherals that the company developed in line with its ethos "to choose quality over quantity".

Lunar Artefacts mouse
Lunar Artefacts has created the Pointer Instrument mouse

"Our ideas are design driven with practicality and quality in mind, not the low cost and ease of manufacturing," said Lunar Artefacts.

"Meticulously hand-crafted inside and out, we treat every component equally with the same care and attention."

Leather topped mouse
The mouse is finished with leather

Lunar Artefacts of London created the mouse as part of its push to change "a false perception that all gadgets are designed for a short existence".

The unique mouse, which was developed over one and a half years of planning, prototyping, testing and refining, was designed to be practical, repairable and age well over time.

"We believe timeless designs should last the test of time, hence why we create our products with the consideration of future repairs," said the brand.

"Most components could wear out or break with time, but we should be able to repair the malfunctioning parts instead of replacing the device itself."

Lunar Artefacts of London mouse
Its base is made from metal

The Pointer Instrument has an ergonomic shape and is available with either a solid brass or aluminium shell and it is finished with French calf leather sourced from a prestigious tannery.

The leather finish is breathable, meaning the user's hand stays pleasant and dry.

The mouse is powered by a replaceable and rechargeable Li-ion battery and can be connected by either 2.4G dongle, Bluetooth 5.0 or USB-C cable.

Hand-crafted mouse
It is one of several hand-crafted computer peripherals and gadgets made by Lunar Artefacts

Lunar Artefacts recently unveiled the Optic Edition line of the Pointer Instruments, which were "inspired by the artistry of architecture". These have a translucent top covering an uncoated solid metal base.

The brand has also launched a kickstarter to fund a premium wireless charger named Pulse Volitari, which is made from metals and finished with leather.

Find out more about the Pointer Instrument on Lunar Artefacts' website.

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Pointer Instrument mouse by Lunar Artefacts
Pointer Instrument mouse by Lunar Artefacts
Pointer Instrument mouse by Lunar Artefacts
Pointer Instrument mouse by Lunar Artefacts