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Place seating by Ross Gardam

Place lounge seating by Ross Gardam via Twentieth

Dezeen Showroom: Australian designer Ross Gardam has created the easily reconfigurable Place lounge seating system, which is available via contemporary design gallery Twentieth.

Place is based around modules with a simple connecting system that allows them to be dropped into place and zipped together.

Place seating by Ross Gardam longer element
The Place seating is based around easily reconfigurable modules, including some longer elements

It can be used to create versatile workspaces, with the seating being changed to support different activities throughout the day, ranging from social and collaborative, to private and focused.

All square and curved units are based around the same footprint so they can easily join together or be positioned back to back. Longer modules are also available for creating more permanent or expansive variations.

Place seating by Ross Gardam with curved elements
Curved elements can be used to make more cosy and collaborative meeting spaces

"Place solves problems other products do not, and it achieves this while offering an exceptional level of comfort and style," said Gardam.

"I see it as a unique product with so many configurations possible, I am truly looking forward to seeing how people use it and how it can evolve in space."

Worktables and power and USB sockets are among the accessory options, while the lounges can be upholstered in a wide range of fabrics and leathers.

Product: Place
Designer: Ross Gardam
Brand: Twentieth
Contact: [email protected]

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