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Stubby chair by Nissa Kinzhalina

Stubby chair by Nissa Kinzhalina

Dezeen Showroom: created as an ode to nature, the Stubby chair designed by Kazakh designer Nissa Kinzhalina is made from thin metal, which closely curves around the heavy wooden body of the chair.

The Stubby chair is anchored by an elm wood log, cut and shaped into a smooth, rounded seat.
The Stubby chair combines delicate metal and a heavy piece of elm wood

Around this base, a light metal structure creates a finishing touch, outlining the base and sculpting a back and armrests.

Kinzhalina chose the wood to evoke a sense of natural stability and authenticity, and to unite the material with metal in a fresh way.

Stubby chair by Nissa Kinzhalina
Kinzhalina wanted it to evoke the sense of stability and authenticity inherent to wood

"The Stubby chair reinterprets familiar silhouettes and recognisable texture, the beauty of which has disappeared from the observer under a layer of familiar assessments and memories," said Kinzhalina.

"Just a few new details change the sensation of interacting with the piece and take it far beyond the understanding of how metal and wood can form a single whole without conflicting."

Product: Stubby chair
Designer: Nissa Kinzhalina
Contact: [email protected]

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