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Truly flooring collection by Bolon

Dezeen Showroom: Bolon has launched a woven flooring collection called Truly, which features hyper textures and "colour effects and patterns never seen".

Truly was created by Bolon's in-house design team and the brand considers it one of the bravest products it has produced.

"We've been braver than ever before," said Bolon head of product management Klara Persson. "We gave ourselves the freedom to try out and create all that we have been curious about over the years, questioning technical challenges and our own perceptions to innovate new expressions, weaving flooring in colour effects and patterns never seen."

A photograph of Bolon's new flooring called Truly in a teak colour
Truly features bold colours and patterns

The Truly collection includes Anything Everything, a matrix-like grid pattern in shades of intense green, and Disrupt and Discover, a check pattern in threads of white and gold.

There is also a zigzagging pattern called 100%, the soft-toned collage-like design named I See You, and the dark and shining effects of Prexis.

A photograph of Truly, Bolon's new flooring featuring bold patterns in purple
Truly was created by Bolon's in-house design team

The styles in the Truly collection are available as a roll, as tiles measuring 50 by 50 centimetres, or as Bolon Studio tiles. All are made in Sweden with renewable energy and contain recycled material.

Product: Truly
Brand: Bolon
Contact: [email protected]

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