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M|R Walls by Mario Romano for CDUK

M|R Walls by Mario Romano for CDUK

Dezeen Showroom: designer Mario Romano has created the M|R Walls line of decorative walls for CDUK, featuring motifs sharply cut into smooth Corian solid surface material.

Created in collaboration with lighting manufacturer Applelec, M|R Walls are textured with nature-inspired patterns designed by Romano, a designer specialising in digital fabrication and architecture.

A photograph of a white decorative M|R Walls by Mario Romano for CDUK
Mario Romano created patterns informed by nature, including Leaf

Romano used custom digital tools, CNC machining and moulding to create the designs, which are unlimited in scale and have a smooth, continuous appearance, despite being easy to install in puzzle-like pieces.

Twelve different M|R Walls patterns are available in a choice of five Corian shades of white and grey. Bespoke options are also available on request.

A photograph of the decorative M|R Walls by Mario Romano for CDUK
The multidimensional feature walls can be completed with backlighting, surface lighting or smart lighting

M|R Walls are non-porous, easy to clean, and impervious to water, bacteria and mould.

The feature walls can be customised with surface lighting, smart lighting, or backlighting, taking advantage of Corian's translucency.

Product: M|R Walls
Designer: Mario Romano
Brand: CDUK
Contact: [email protected]

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