Twist pendant light by Shakúff

Twist pendant light by Shakúff

Dezeen Showroom: handmade using a complex glass-blowing technique, the Twist pendant by Shakúff brings a decorative spin to a classic style of lighting.

The Twist pendant features a hexagonal tube of glass with a rippled appearance. The light is created by artisans who manoeuvre it over a hot flame, twisting it sharply three times in one direction then three times in the other.

Twist pendant light by Shakúff
The Twist pendant is handmade over a flame using precise spinning movements

Because the technique requires a great degree of control and sensitivity, the artisans cannot use gloves while they work, and instead use metal tools to help them manipulate the glass safely. Shakúff likens the process to a dance.

"Like any dance, the creation of a Twist requires a commitment to technique," said Shakúff. "Also like in dance, intuition is important and the feel of the craft are important here."

Twist pendant light by Shakúff
The pendants are available in arrangements of any number

The finished pendants, available in arrangements of any desired number, are said to make light reflect in swirls across the room.

Twist comes in clear or frosted glass, and there is the option to combine the two within a single arrangement.

Product: Twist
Brand: Shakúff
Contact: [email protected]

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