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Silent Room acoustic pod by Narbutas

Silent Room acoustic pod by Narbutas

Dezeen Showroom: workplace furniture brand Narbutas has added new customisation options to its Silent Room acoustic pods, offering a glass back wall for a transparent and light-filled office environment.

Narbutas' Silent Room acoustic pods create "a room within a room" in open workspaces, giving employees a private space to make calls, hold small meetings or focus on complex tasks.

Silent Room acoustic pod by Narbutas
A new customisation option for Narbutas' Silent Room pods allows for transparent glass walls on both sides

The new version of the pod has a transparent glass back-wall insert instead of the classic upholstered exterior back panel, which is a good option for settings where it would be undesirable to block light.

Narbutas suggests this option for the middle of open-plan workplaces or for areas that are close to windows or glass partitions.

Silent Room acoustic pod by Narbutas
The pods allow a quiet, private space for focused work or calls

As with all Silent Room variations, the pod comfortably fits up to four people and is equipped with USB type A and C connectors for charging devices.

It features low-noise fans that maintain good air quality and LED lamps that Narbutas says create a "warm and homely" atmosphere within, all kept at an optimal setting by smart controls.

Product: Silent Room
Brand: Narbutas
Contact: [email protected]

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