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Zuma Lumisonic downlight by Morten Warren

Lumisonic downlight by Zuma

Dezeen Showroom: combining circadian lighting with high-fidelity audio, Zuma's Lumisonic downlight is designed to invisibly deliver immersive sound for the home.

Lumisonic is an ultra-compact recessed downlight with an integrated loudspeaker, which works entirely wirelessly and is operated through voice activation.

Zuma Lumisonic downlight by Morten Warren
Lumisonic is a wireless multi-room system delivering audio through downlights

The multi-room system was designed by Zuma founder Morten Warren, who started the company after experiencing frustration with "unattractive and obtrusive" ceiling speakers, their poor audio quality, and complex installation process.

His designs address these shortcomings while adding features including circadian rhythm lighting and a "Wellbeing" mode, which selects the optimal settings for any mood via presets on the app.

Zuma Lumisonic downlight by Morten Warren
The speaker set-up provides immersive audio for the home with no cables or wires

Lumisonic can be retrofitted into any room to deliver what Zuma describes as a "canopy of sound" that is rich in detail.

"Zuma turns a bathroom into a spa, a home gym into a spin studio, a family room into a cinema, or even a kitchen into a disco," said the company.

Product: Lumisonic downlight
Designer: Morten Warren
Brand: Zuma
Contact: [email protected]

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