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A photograph of the stripped material by Dedar

Archive Prints fabric collection by Dedar

Dezeen Showroom: informed by collections of historic fabrics, the Archive Prints collection by Dedar reinterprets traditional textile design from both eastern and western cultures.

Dedar's Archive Prints aims to bring together historic motifs from Europe, Asia and the Middle East, such as paisley and stripes, into one cohesive collection.

The collection includes both sheer and delicate wool and wool satin textiles, as well as more robust woven fabrics.

A photograph of the striped blue, green and yellow fabric called John Kelly
John Kelly 1763 is a light, sheer fabric and comes in four playful colourways

Among the lighter fabrics is John Kelly 1763, which was inspired by late 18th century English archival fabric.

The fabric is made up of natural wool fibre, which allows it to "confer a soft feel and a light flexuous drape" making it ideal for curtains and drapery.

A photograph of the Paradiso Paisley in red, draped over a piece of furniture
Paradiso Paisley comes in green, red and blue as well as a sheer wool satin version

Heavier coverings include Paradiso Paisley, which takes cues from the "reverse side of an archive Paisley shawl".

The woven material is designed to be durable, which makes it suitable for both curtain and upholstery applications.

Dedar suggests that the collection examines and reinterprets "great fabric archetypes to give new lymph to the ancient trading tradition".

Product: Archive Prints
Brand: Dedar
Contact: [email protected]

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