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Phone booth by Kettal

Phonebooth meeting pods by Kettal

Dezeen Showroom: furniture brand Kettal has designed a series of booths that can be inserted into office interiors to create a sense of privacy in busy working environments.

The collection's model is called Phonebooth, and it comes in small, large and extra-large editions.

Phonebooth S
Phonebooth S is a meeting room for one occupant

Phonebooth S is the smallest of the pods and is designed to accommodate one person. It is equipped with a single seat that caters to those who need a soundproofed space to conduct a video or phone call.

The larger Phonebooth L includes two seats arranged opposite each other, which creates a pod for a pair of colleagues to sit and have a private meeting. Four seats make up Phonebooth XL, which is the most spacious of the pods.

Office pods by Kettal
The pods can be inserted into existing offices

All of the Phonebooth models feature the same aluminium-framed structure and can be customised with fabric or glass panels.

Entered through a pivot door, the Phonebooths are designed to ensure that their occupants are undisturbed with acoustic panels and an absorption system.

Two seat pod
They range from one to four seats

LED lighting, a PIR sensor and an air ventilation system are also included in the models, which Kettal described as "ideal for meetings in spacious comfort and privacy".

"The exceptional acoustics and physical comfort allow for better communication as well as concentration," said the brand.

Product: Phone booths
Brand: Kettal
Contact: [email protected]

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Phonebooth by Kettal
Phonebooth by Kettal
Phonebooth by Kettal
Phonebooth by Kettal