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Archie Zenith acoustic wall panels by The Collective Agency

Archie acoustic wall panels by The Collective

Dezeen Showroom: designed to reference the movements of the sun and moon, The Collective has created the Archie collection of acoustic wall panels that can be mix and matched.

Taking a playful approach to acoustic design, the Archie wall panels feature arched and spherical shapes, set like windows into a vertically grooved background that is reminiscent of wood panelling.

Archie Solstice and acoustic wall panels by The Collective Agency
Archie can be mix-and-matched, such as in this combination of Phase and Solstice

There are three styles in the collection. Zenith looks like a series of arches and is said to represent "the highest overhead arch of the celestial sphere".

Solstice and Phase are an ode to the shape of the moon at different times of the month, with Solstice shaped as a perfect circle and Phase shaped as a semicircle.

Archie Zenith acoustic wall panels by The Collective Agency
The background panels are textured with a V-groove that makes them similar to wood panels, image by Billy Bolton

The styles can be combined across one wall, and can also be customised with a choice of two of 33 colours from the textile brand Woven Image's EchoPanel range.

The range is 60 per cent made from recycled plastic bottles, and the Echopanel Longitude panels used in the background are cut with vertical V-grooves that give a textural contrast.

Product: Archie
Brand: The Collective
Contact: [email protected]

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