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Truly rug by Bolon

Truly made-to-measure rugs by Bolon

Dezeen Showroom: Swedish flooring brand Bolon has launched Truly, a collection of boldly patterned made-to-measure rugs.

Truly is a collection of five rugs, which have been added to Bolon's portfolio of made-to-measure products introduced last year.

The rugs are available in five designs characterised by enlarged patterns, striking colours and visible textural effects.

Bold patterned rugs
There are five rugs in the new collection

They are made from Bolon's classic woven vinyl material.

"To be able to offer the market our most expressive patterns in Truly as rugs feels exciting," said head of product management at Bolon, Klara Persson.

Promotional shot of Truly rugs
The rugs are made-to-measure in Sweden

"Truly rugs will add a unique look to any interior space with its bold designs," she added.

Bolon will produce the rugs to measure at its factory in Sweden, typically between a minimum of two metres by two metres and a maximum of four metres by eight metres, with orders for other sizes handled on request.

Made-to-measure rug from Bolon
Bold patterns and textures characterise the Truly collection

Options for eight different trimmings are on offer.

Like all the brand's collections, the rugs are made with recycled materials and using only renewable energy.

Product: Truly rugs
Designer: Bolon
Brand: Bolon
Contact: [email protected]

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Close-up of Truly rug by Bolon
Detail of black rug by Bolon