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Round Oceanides table with four legs in a grassy wetland

Oceanides table collection by Alexia Mintsouli for Alex Mint

Dezeen Showroom: designed by Alexia Mintsouli for UK studio Alex Mint, Oceanides is a collection of tables made from marble and sea plants.

The collection includes a square coffee table and two round side tables, one with a solid base and the other with four legs.

Round Oceanides table with base in a grassy wetland
The Oceanides tables have a brown tabletop made from sea plants

The base and legs of the tables are made from Peloponnesian Tortora marble, while the brown tabletops incorporate a sea plant that creates a natural pattern variation.

"The top of the tables are from the sea plant Posidonia Oceanica, one of the oldest living organisms on Earth," Alex Mint told Dezeen.

Square Oceanidea coffee table by Alex Mint on a beachy shore
The collection comes in three variations, including a square coffee table

Informed by the sea breeze, the design of Oceanides aims to promote sustainability and earth preservation.

"In order to make living spaces greener, we are exploring the potential of natural materials in the creation of eco-friendly, modern furniture," said the brand.

"We try to follow the ecological guidelines by using eco-friendly, local materials and collaborating with Greek craftsmen to eliminate the energy consumption that goes into transportation."

Oceanides is available in the UK from Olson + Baker.

Product: Oceanides
Designer: Alexia Mintsouli
Brand: Alex Mint
Contact: [email protected]

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