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Gold and black Cassiopea table lamp in a contemporary setting

Cassiopea table lamp by Studioforma

Dezeen Showroom: Swiss architecture and design studio Studioforma has created a table lamp named Cassiopea, which is made from glass and polished marble.

The Cassiopea table lamp has a marble base, which is topped with a bevelled glass dome and finished with brass details.

Gold and black Cassiopea table lamp with a white background
The lamp is created by a rounded glass dome, marble and brass

The collection is available in multiple colours. Its glass dome comes in blue, purple and gold, while the marble base is available in black or white.

According to Studioforma, each Cassiopea lamp is characterised by its "unique marble veining".

The lamp is powered by cable and lit by an LED light. When the lamp is switched off, the various shades of the rounded glass dome are designed to resemble a precious jewel, according to the brand.

Top view of gold and black Cassiopea table lamp on a coffee table
The glass dome is available in blue, purple and gold, while the marble comes in black or white

"Irrespective of the ambience in which Cassiopea is placed, the interior benefits from the individuality of this lamp because of the fascinating reflection of the space surrounding it," said Studioforma.

"The play of light on the glass surface and on the polished marble base stays lively both during the day and at night."

Product: Cassiopea table lamp
Designer: Alex Leuzinger
Brand: Studioforma
Contact:  [email protected]

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