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Grey and wood Invitation bench by Blu Dot in front of a bed

Invitation bench by Blu Dot

Dezeen Showroom: furniture brand Blu Dot has used bands of paper cord to encircle this simple wooden bench, designed to resemble a gift box wrapped in ribbons.

The Invitation bench is characterised by the clean, geometric lines of its frame, contrasted against the curvature of its rope seat and the convex indents on top of its wooden legs.

Close-up of cord seat on bench by Blu Dot
The Invitation bench has a woven cord seat

"Like a precious gift wrapped in a belly band, we wrapped a simple solid wood frame in perpendicular bands of paper cord," Blu Dot said.

"The clear and bold banded weaving pattern becomes the seating surface between the wood rails."

Close-up of black cord seat on black Invitation bench
The design is available in three colourways, including black on black

The Invitation bench is available in three lengths, 24, 48 and 64 inches, as well as three colourways – white oak and natural cord, and black rope paired with either walnut wood or black-stained ash.

The design is BIFMA rated to guarantee safety and durability.

Product: Invitation bench
Brand: Blu Dot
Contact: [email protected]

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