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Floor-to-ceiling windows of Whidbey Island Farm

Ten living rooms that use floor-to-ceiling glazing to bring the outdoors in

In our latest lookbook, we spotlight 10 homes with living rooms enclosed by floor-to-ceiling glazing and window walls that create seamless connections to their natural surroundings.

The use of large panes of glass on the exterior of a dwelling is a popular trend in residential architecture as it is an effective way to make living spaces feel bigger and brighter.

Another major benefit of using expanses of glazing and floor-to-ceiling windows is maximising outward views, which can help connect occupants to the outdoors and, in turn, boost wellbeing.

This is the latest in our lookbook series, which provides visual inspiration from Dezeen's archive. For more inspiration see previous lookbooks showcasing statement skylights, welcoming terraces and living rooms with sculptural furniture.

Window wall at The Watchman Cabin
Photo is by Miranda Kimberlin

The Watchman Cabin, USA, by Imbue Design

Sweeping views of the Utah desert are enjoyed through the window wall of this living room in The Watchman Cabin, a remote home created by Imbue Design for a nature-loving client.

The interior is finished with a restrained grey palette, helping to retain focus on the colours of the dramatic vista beyond.

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Lounge with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Bilgola Beach
Photo is by Rory Gardiner

Bilgola Beach House, Australia, by Olson Kundig

Architecture studio Olson Kundig used floor-to-ceiling glazing and sliding doors to provide the living spaces of this house with fresh air and sightlines over Sydney's Bilgola Beach.

Outside, the glazed areas incorporate retractable louvres, allowing the dwelling to be sealed off from the beachfront in inclement weather.

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Lounge with views over Scottish Highlands
Photo is by David Barbour

Nedd, UK, by Mary Arnold-Forster Architects

Mary Arnold-Forster Architects designed two floor-to-ceiling windows for the lounge of Nedd, a house built from cross-laminated timber in the Scottish Highlands.

According to the studio's founder, the goal was to "avoid a wall of glass" but to frame the expansive undulating landscape that surrounds the rocky site.

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Floor-to-ceiling windows of Whidbey Island Farm
Photo is by Kevin Scott

Whidbey Island Farm, USA, by MW Works

Views of woodland through floor-to-ceiling windows animate the pared-back living spaces of Whidbey Island Farm, a country retreat in the Pacific Northwest by MW Works.

The home is divided into three volumes that are positioned across the gently sloping site, providing each room with unique viewpoints of the surrounding landscape.

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Open living room of Calders House by Narch
Photo is by Adrià Goula

Calders House, Spain, by Narch

Glazed panels slide wide open to create seamless links between the lounge and the park on the doorstep of this concrete family home in Spain.

According to the studio, these large portions of glazing are intended to make the residence feel "more like exterior garden than interior, a space in which furniture and plants are placed directly under the blue sky".

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High Desert Retreat lounge with window walls
Photo is courtesy of Aidlin Darling Design

High Desert Retreat, USA, by Aidlin Darling Design

High Desert Retreat's living room has floor-to-ceiling windows that Aidlin Darling Design incorporated to celebrate the home's elevated vantage in California's Palm Desert.

Some portions of glazing also open up the room to the outside, leading down to a swimming pool that runs almost the entire length of the house.

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Living room of Summerhouse H by Johan Sundberg
Photo is by Markus Linderoth

Sommarhus H, Sweden, by Johan Sundberg

Giant panes of glass were used by Johan Sundberg to break up the simple exterior of Sommarhus H, a Swedish house lined with larch battens.

On one side of the living room, the glazing is opened to create a link to a decked area outside. Minimal furniture and finishes retain focus on views towards the Baltic sea.

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Sliding doors to Villa Aa terrace
Photo is by Ivar Kaal

Villa Aa, Norway, by CF Møller Architects

This window wall forms the main facade of the Villa Aa dwelling that CF Møller Architects sunk into the ground on a Norwegian farm.

In the living room, the doors provide access to a large terrace that is built from concrete to match the internal flooring and "blur the boundaries between inside and outside".

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Living room with floor-to-ceiling windows
Photo is by Alex Shoots Buildings

Terrace With a House by the Lake, Poland, by UGO

Giant windows in the lounge of this Polish holiday home disrupt the otherwise blank exterior, which architecture studio UGO clad in corrugated metal.

The living room is finished with materials chosen to reflect the colours and textures of the adjoining terrace and adjacent woodland, establishing a connection to the outside.

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Living room of Pavilion House by Norm Architects
Photo is by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

Pavilion House, UK, by Norm Architects

Pavilion House is a holiday home in rural Suffolk that has almost entirely glazed walls, including those in its pared-back living room.

According to its designer, Norm Architects, this is to acknowledge "that the big-ticket item in the setting is indeed the countryside" and ensure views of it throughout the dwelling.

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This is the latest in our lookbooks series, which provides visual inspiration from Dezeen's archive. For more inspiration see previous lookbooks showcasing statement skylights, welcoming terraces and living rooms with sculptural furniture.