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Luminaires Series 100 spotlight on a bookshelf

Luminaires Series YK100 lamps by Yrjö Kukkapuro for Blond

Dezeen Showroom: designed as a lighting solution for his studio in the 1960s, Finnish furniture designer Yrjö Kukkapuro's Luminaires Series YK100 is now available from Swedish lighting brand Blond.

Luminaires Series YK100 includes spotlights, pendants, table lamps, floor lamps, wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted lamps.

The lampshades are made from aluminium and are available in cone and rectangular shapes.

Luminaires Series 100 floor lamp next to a mid century chair
The lamps have aluminium shades that direct the light

"Kukkapuro's design work is based on both aesthetic and functional innovation, user experience and ergonomics," said Blond.

Luminaires Series YK100 is designed to be adaptable. The lamp heads can be rotated and the floor lamp models have adjustable steel stands.

Luminaires Series 100 pendant over a table
Kukkapurro designed the lamps for his own studio

Informed by reflectors and screens used by photographers, the series includes a round fibreglass reflector that creates indirect light.

Blond updated Kukkapuro's original lamp designs with modern technology to suit contemporary production.

Product: Luminaires Series YK100
Designer: Yrjö Kukkapuro
Brand: Blond
Contact: [email protected]

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