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Small Living Kitchens - islands by Falper

Small Living Kitchens – islands by Falper

Dezeen Showroom: bathroom brand Falper has expanded into kitchen design with the Small Living Kitchens concept, which includes islands that are designed to make even compact spaces feel luxurious.

Falper aims for Small Living Kitchens to revolutionise the experience of kitchens in small dwellings by bringing in the high standards and convivial layouts associated with larger living areas.

A photograph of the neutral-coloured small Living Kitchens islands by Falper
Falper's Small Living Kitchens are designed for spaces as small as 2.5 square metres

Designed in collaboration with designer Andrea Federici, the kitchen system can fit small spaces starting from 2.5 square metres and features three elements – islands, tall units and storage units – that can be configured in near-endless ways.

The islands come in three models: two featuring a combination of stainless steel and either wood or coloured lacquer surfaces and one made entirely of marble.

A picture of the marbled Small Living Kitchens islands by Falper
There are three models, including an all-marble version

There are a total of three different island sizes and they can be ordered with both a built-in hob and sink or just one of the two. The hob is available in either gas or induction versions.

Described by Falper as a simple and rational concept, the Small Living Kitchens systems are designed to flow elegantly into adjoining living spaces, making them a good fit for open-plan layouts.

Falper is presenting the kitchen design, which is patented by the brand, at this year's Milan design week.

Product: Small Living Kitchens – islands
Designer: Andrea Federici
Brand: Falper
Contact: [email protected]

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