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GOZ rug collection by Kengo Kuma for Gan

GOZ rug collection by Kengo Kuma for Gan

Dezeen Showroom: Japanese architect Kengo Kuma has designed a distinctive rug collection for Gan called GOZ, which combines wood and wool through an innovative weaving technique.

The GOZ collection features three rug styles that celebrate organic, raw materials and borrow their names – Kiri, Ame and Tsuchi – from the Japanese words for fog, rain and soil.

GOZ rug collection by Kengo Kuma for Gan
The Ame rug is one of three in the GOZ collection

Kuma partly based the designs on tatami mats, and developed them by considering the intrinsic constructive capacities and emotional qualities of the materials.

"In traditional Japanese houses, the most important element is the floor, the tatami flooring," said Kuma. "The softness of the tatami, its texture and aroma were the basis of our daily life. I tried to apply this relationship to GOZ."

GOZ rug collection by Kengo Kuma for Gan
The Kiri rug interweaves wood and wool using a circular pattern

The GOZ rugs are handmade by artisans in India, using an adaptation of a traditional technique developed by Gan, where teak wood rods are woven into a framework of virgin wool on a manual loom.

All the materials are derived from the land where the rugs are manufactured, and they come in two sizes – 176 by 240 and 206 by 300 centimetres.

Product: GOZ
Designer: Kengo Kuma
Brand: Gan
Contact: [email protected]

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