Quilt rug by Ellinor Eliasson for Kasthall

Quilt rug by Ellinor Eliasson for Kasthall

Dezeen Showroom: informed from patchwork-like Japanese Boro textiles, Ellinor Eliasson designed the Quilt rug for Kasthall to look complex and richly textured. 

The Quilt rug references the works of textile artists Anna Albers and Sheila Hicks as well as 19th-century Boro, which involved mending textiles with disparate fabrics to extend their life.

Quilt rug by Ellinor Eliasson for Kasthall
The Quilt rug contains many colours and yarn heights, giving it a rich texture

Eliasson wanted to make an original rug that would evoke these works' complex intersections of colours, shapes and textures, while showcasing the uniqueness of Kasthall.

"The creative process's central theme has been to create new, unique expressions," said Eliasson. "I wanted to create a tufted rug, but with the expression of a woven rug."

Quilt rug by Ellinor Eliasson for Kasthall
It is partially inspired by Japanese Boro textiles, which are mended in a patchwork style

"With mathematical precision and great knowledge of the craft, Ellinor has created a rug that must be described as an innovation in Kasthall's rug production," added Kasthall head of design Lena Jiseborn.

The Quilt rug is hand-tufted from wool and linen, with its surface cut and looped to different heights in the various "patches". It is available in two colour schemes – Bronze Green and Terracotta Sand.

Product: Quilt
Designer: Ellinor Eliasson
Brand: Kasthall
Contact: [email protected]

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