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Bench against a wall beneath a large painting

Caozitou bench by Studio 8

Dezeen Showroom: Chinese architecture firm Studio8 has designed a bench informed by Chinese linguistic characters.

Caozitou bench is the signature piece of the studio's furniture brand also named Caozitou.

The name of the brand – and the bench – means 'the upper radical of grass'. The form of the bench creates the same outline as '艹', the upper component of the Chinese character 草 or 'cao' which translates to 'grass' in English.

Aerial view of the bench in situ next to a dining table
The cushion can be reupholstered to suit the space

This reference point highlights the studio's approach to design, which places significance on culture and nature.

The bench has optional attachments that include a set of transparent leg raisers and a round table attachment, referred to as the 'boots' and the 'hat'.

Detail of one end of the bench with attached circular table and clear raisers
The bench can be fitted with optional accessories to enhance its use

"Why can't we design furniture like fashion garments so people can change their style based on the occasion?" the brand said.

One long horizontal and two short vertical plywood slabs of equal thickness – reinforced by concealed metal supports – creates the central seat and two end tables in one structure.

Detail of bench end from above showing upholstered pad and end section

The bench's upholstered seating pad can also be customised depending on the user's needs and the styling of the space.

It is available in both light and dark plywood options.

Product: Caozitou Bench
Designer: Studio8
Brand: Caozitou
Contact: [email protected]

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End of light ply bench with shadows and pink upholstry
Length of bench in dark room with attachments
End of bench in dark room with attachments