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Zenso High by Formstelle for Zeitraum

Zenso High by Formstelle for Zeitraum

Dezeen Showroom: design studio Formstelle and German brand Zeitraum have added a high-back lounger to their Zenso chair family, which draws on the Zen symbol of the Enso circle.

The Zenso High chair enlarges the circular shape that is key to the collection and borrows from the Japanese calligraphic stroke used to express completeness, acceptance or continuity in Zen Buddhism.

Zenso High by Formstelle for Zeitraum
Zenso High is a new high-backed addition to the Zenso chair family

Here, the circular form expands into an oversized and welcoming high backrest, which is upholstered for added comfort and crowned with an adjustable headrest.

According to Zeitraum, Zenso High's upholstery is "technically as well as conceptually innovative", combining a sustainable natural latex and a fleece made of organic cotton.

Zenso High by Formstelle for Zeitraum
The oversized backrest features innovative upholstery over a veneered plywood shell

The upholstery covers a padded veneered plywood seat and back shell, while the cross-frame base is made of solid wood available in either oak, colour-stained oak, or American walnut. A coordinating Zenso pouf is also available.

"Zenso High combines the high demand for quality craftsmanship, purely sustainable materials with sculptural design," said Zeitraum.

Product: Zenso High
Designer: Formstelle
Brand: Zeitraum
Contact: [email protected]

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