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Zerogloss kitchen in deep plum colour

Zerogloss Kitchen by Zerogloss

Dezeen Showroom: Italian brand Zerogloss has created an easy-to-assemble steel kitchen system with an industrial appearance softened with wood surfaces and matt colours.

The Zerogloss kitchen system offers low and tall kitchen units combining drawers, cabinets and appliances from fellow Italian brand Bertazzoni, including the option of a fully integrated dishwasher.

Zerogloss kitchen with four-unit module and two-column module
The Zerogloss system offers low units that are three or four units wide as well as tall two-column units

The brand describes the kitchens as having an "understated yet refined aesthetic" that expresses the philosophy of simple living in both style and functionality.

Special attention has been paid to the assembly system, which is designed to generate minimal material waste and be both easy to put together and take apart, enabling future reuse.

Zerogloss kitchen in dark green
The kitchens combine a steel frame with natural oak cabinets and drawers

Zerogloss kitchens come flat-packed and use no glue or chipboard. Their steel frames are complemented with drawers and cabinets in natural or lacquered oak and worktops in natural oak or porcelain stoneware.

"We focus on a limited series of models and finishes, on smaller spaces and modular structures," said Zerogloss.

"The system of our kitchens, while assuring a long-lasting use through the high resistance of the steel structure, represents our search for a reversible design, where the product can be easily disassembled, relocated and recycled and the materials endlessly reused."

Product: Zerogloss Kitchen
Brand: Zerogloss
Contact: [email protected]

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