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Pink seat with black legs in use on beach

Patoso pouf by Alejandra Gandia-Blasco for Diabla

Dezeen Showroom: Spanish outdoor furniture brand Diabla has combined two seating archetypes in the design of its Patoso pouf.

The seat combines the traditional upright form of an armchair with the informal structure of a beanbag.

Pink seat with black legs in use on beach
The pouf can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings

Patoso pouf is reinforced by its interior aluminium structure and is supported by four cylindrical legs.

Its shape is maintained by its three compartments instead of the usual single compartment of a traditional beanbag and guarantees even distribution of padding for the user.

Pink seat with black legs in use on beach
It combines two traditional seating options

The pouf is available in a range of waterproof fabric covers that can be removed for cleaning via a hidden zip.

It is suitable for outdoor and indoor use in both residential and commercial settings.

Product: Patoso pouf
Designer: Alejandra Gandia-Blasco
Brand: Diabla
Contact: [email protected]

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