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Cachalot lamp by Yoshiki Matsuyama for Ambientec

Cachalot lamp by Yoshiki Matsuyama for Ambientec

Dezeen Showroom: created by designer Yoshiki Matsuyama for Japanese brand Ambientec, the Cachalot lamp has an abstract, poetic shape loosely inspired by the body of a whale.

Both portable and rechargeable, the Cachalot table lamp emits a soft, warm light that "makes time seem to slow down" just as "a whale moves through the depths of a silent sea," according to Matsuyama.

Cachalot lamp by Yoshiki Matsuyama for Ambientec
The Cachalot lamp has a shape inspired by the body of a whale

"I find the shape of these ocean creatures fascinating: powerful and fluid, yet also warm and gentle," said Matsuyama. "It is this majesty imbued with sweetness that I hoped to convey with Cachalot."

Matsuyama's interpretation of the whale form is symbolic and evocative rather than literal, with the tubular LED unit sitting in a sweeping case made of clear or dark grey acrylic and mounted on a die-cast zinc base.

Cachalot lamp by Yoshiki Matsuyama for Ambientec
The lamp's tubular LED unit emits a warm glow

Ambientec suggests the small ambient light be placed on a bookshelf or surrounded by other objects on an end table.

To further enhance the relationship between objects and ocean, Ambientec has pledged to donate one per cent of Cachalot's annual sales to charities supporting marine environmental protection programs.

Photography is by Yume Takakura.

Product: Cachalot
Designer: Yoshiki Matsuyama
Brand: Ambientec

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