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Sui Desk Chair by Raw Edges for +Halle

Dezeen Showroom: London studio Raw Edges has designed the Sui Desk Chair for Danish furniture brand +Halle, a dynamic armchair that doubles as a productive desk space.

The desk chair has an upholstered circular swivel seat encompassed by a semicircular lacquered solid oak table top.

Light blue Sui Desk Chair used as a desk
The chair has a swivel seat that rotates 360 degrees

The Sui Desk Chair was designed to encourage movement and productivity, preventing users from sitting at desks in the same position for long periods.

Sui can be used as a generous armchair with the tabletop forming the backrest and wide armrests.

Alternatively, users can swivel to face the opposite direction and use the semicircular tabletop as a desk, which provides ample workspace.

Black Sui Desk Chair used as an armchair
The chair can be used as a desk space or an armchair

"The inviting desk chair is enlivened with a swivel and an embracing wooden surface, creating an intriguing niche with its hybrid, multi-purpose use," said +Halle.

"When seated, every aspect of the object evokes free movement, with refined yet generous angles, opening for a wide welcome yet private sphere."

Black Sui Desk Chair
The Sui Desk Chair is available in a range of colours

"There comes a point in the public realm where private spaces become essential," +Halle continued. "Sui is that personal seat, but as opposed to a closed-off station, the desk chair is conversational, designed with independence and dignity in mind."

The Sui Desk Chair comes in a variety of colours and is available with an optional integrated power plug.

Product: Sui Desk Chair
Designer: Raw Edges
Brand: +Halle
Contact: [email protected]

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