Lualdi launches a customisable door system with high-tech interface

Promotion: Italian design brand Lualdi has launched a doorway system called Ether, which combines an unobtrusive appearance with advanced technology to create a multifunctional smart device for the home or office.

Created by designer and architect Marco Piva, Ether comprises a door, door jamb and a "vertical block", which includes an interface created in collaboration with automation technology company Microdevice.

A photograph of ETHER, which is a customisable door system
Ether is a customisable door system with high-tech interface

Ether's interface is customisable and can include a number of features, including security systems, lighting controls, doorbells, nightlights and air sanitation systems.

"Ether was created to respond to the specific management needs of the wellness, residential, and office sectors while meeting the aesthetic taste of the most demanding and avant-garde architects," said Microdevice. "Building automation meets design, opening the door to a new world, designed and built to really be human-centered."

According to Lualdi, the interface can be connected to any control system, allowing remote use and monitoring from a smartphone.

An image of the Ether doorways
The doorways have an unobtrusive appearance and are designed for the home or office

Ether comes in three distinct designs. Residential is a light oak door with black aluminium door jambs and a vertical block in iron grey glass.

Office has a matt calce grey lacquer with brushed aluminium door jambs and a vertical block in matt calce grey glass.

A photograph of Lualdi's Ether door in a space-like setting
The vertical block interface allows users to better manage energy consumption

Wellness comes with an iron-grey back lacquered glass door, brushed aluminium door jambs, and a black glass vertical block.

Ether can be installed in both newbuilds and retrofits and the design has been created with a mind to being part of load-bearing walls or partitions.

The system also includes a "simple plug-in" that connects to electrical or home automation systems.

A photograph of doorway system Ether
Created by designer and architect Marco Piva, Ether comprises a door, door jamb and a "vertical block"

As part of its launch, Lualdi collaborated with French manufacturing company Saint-Gobain, providing examples of Ether installed within "high-performance thermal and acoustic comfort systems".

The vertical block interface can also allow users access to household power systems, allowing them to better manage and reduce energy consumption.

Lualdi is an Italian design brand first established in 1859 and has since built its name on creating high-quality custom-made furniture and interior doors, which aim to rethink the needs and context of doors in the modern architectural space.

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