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White, grey and black hexagonal Kerastar tiles on the floor of a bar

Kerastar tile collection by Johnson Tiles

Dezeen Showroom: British tile manufacturer Johnson Tiles has extended its collection of Kerastar tiles to include a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes that can be applied to floors and walls.

Johnson Tiles added cool greys, warm reds and burnt oranges to Kereastar's existing neutral colour palette.

Red Kerestar hexagonal tiles used on the floor of a shoe shop
The tile collection is designed for busy commercial interiors

"Inspired by the limitless beauty of the natural world, the extended collection comprises 43 shades, 11 sizes, four finishes, four structures and three shapes for maximum creativity," said Johnson Tiles.

"Classic tones such as Clay from the original collection offer the perfect base upon which to build a decor style."

"For a pop of colour, the new Sage, Sky and Terracotta shades reflect the brighter hues found in nature, as well as popular colour trends throughout design," the brand continued.

Samples of Kerastar tiles by Johnson Tiles
Johnson Tiles extended the tile range to include bright colours

The brand designed the tiles for busy public environments with high levels of foot traffic, including workplace, hospitality, healthcare and retail interiors.

"The material and colour run all the way through the tile, so scratches, chips and signs of wear are easily blended or hidden," said Johnson Tiles.

Available in square, rectangular and hexagonal formats, Kerastar tiles can be topped with a textured surface that adds slip resistance, making them suitable for use in wet areas.

Product: Kerastar
Brand: Johnson Tiles
Contact: [email protected] 

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