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Photograph showing reception area with repeating chevron patterned acoustic lighting ceiling fixture

Acoustic Static Links lighting by LightArt

Dezeen Showroom: lighting brand LightArt has released a customisable modular acoustic lighting system that can form almost limitless arrangements and configurations.

Acoustic Static Links is made up of four components named X, Y, T, and L in reference to their geometric shapes.

Photograph showing an office space with grey and beige acoustic lighting grid on ceiling
Acoustic Static Links serve as lighting, acoustic solution and visual statement

All modules contain LED strip lights and are covered with felt acoustic material, giving the product a dual purpose as both a lighting fixture and acoustic solution.

The pieces can be used in isolation as single pendants but together create expansive ceiling networks using various different shaped modules, or in repeating patterns of the same unit.

Photograph showing white chair beneath T-shaped lighting fixture on ceiling
The pieces can be specified in single modules or used together en masse

"A cluster of Y patterns can create an arrow-like design for wayfinding, or a series of X pendants can anchor a central gathering space," said the brand.

They can also be used across tiered ceilings to create a cascading effect or tucked neatly into corners depending on the needs of the user.

Photograph showing detail of X-shaped lighting fixture
Modules are made up of an LED strip housed inside a wooden and felt structure

Customisation is also possible at a smaller scale. Each unit is available in six leg lengths – ranging from three to eight feet– and three height options – ranging from six to sixteen inches – making them appropriate for us in a manner of applications regardless of spatial restrictions.

Users can also choose from 15 Sola Felt colourways and a variety of wood and powder-coated finishes, which can be used to promote institution or brand colours or compliment existing interiors.

Product: Acoustic Static Links
Brand: LightArt
Contact: [email protected]

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Photograph showing an office space with blue and yellow acoustic lighting grid on ceiling
Photograph showing white chair beneath Y-shaped lighting fixture on ceiling
Photograph showing white chair beneath X-shaped lighting fixture on ceiling
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Photograph showing detail of T-shaped lighting fixture
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