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Global Expressions panels by Gensler and 3form

Global Expressions panels by Gensler and 3form

Dezeen Showroom: US architecture studio Gensler has collaborated with design brand 3form to produce the Global Expressions collection, a range of semi-transparent room dividers based on traditional textiles.

Made of 3form's signature Varia resin or etched glass, the Global Expressions collection comes in six designs, Kente, Yakan, Jakar, Shibori, Kuba and Ochre, which are adapted from weaving, dying and decorative processes used around the world.

Jakar design in the Global Expressions panels by Gensler and 3form
Jakar is one of six designs in the Global Expressions collection

Kuba cloth, for example, is a textile design from Central Africa's Kuba Kingdom often featuring geometric patterns, while Shibori is a Japanese tie-dying technique usually done with indigo ink.

Gensler developed the Global Expressions designs for 3form, reinterpreting the textures and patterns of the textiles as flat etchings for transparent or translucent materials.

Global Expressions panels by Gensler and 3form
The Shibori design is inspired by Japanese tie-dyeing

"While each pattern is distinctly individual, there are wonderful similarities in geometry and scale that allow them to be mixed or used independently," said Gensler director of product development and global practice area leader Scott Star. "And the graphic nature of the textile patterns complement the built environment beautifully."

The Global Expressions collection can serve as wall panels, dividers, reception desk wraps, or other elements, and comes in a choice of sizes.

Product: Global Expressions
Designer: Gensler and 3form
Brand: 3form
Contact: [email protected]

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