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Triangle clay tiles from New Terracotta

Parquet Bisque tiles by New Terracotta

Dezeen Showroom: Portuguese tile brand New Terracotta has released a collection of tiles named Parquet Bisque, which is made up of 44 different shapes and sizes.

New Terracotta designed the tiles to be mixed and matched together to create fun and interesting patterns.

Clay rectangle tiles from New Terracotta on a wall in a parquet pattern
The tiles are made from natural clay

"Through the right proportions, sizing, combinations and choice of colour placement, many unique patterns emerge from a single tile design," said New Terracotta.

Similar to other tile designs available from the brand, Parquet Bisque is made from natural clays that are hand moulded and double-fired to create slight variations in size, shape, colour and texture between each tile.

Circle and rounded Parquet Bisque tiles by New Terracotta in grey, peach and red
The tiles can be combined to create interesting patterns

"The irregular edges, the corrugated surface and the small imperfections are the characters which make each piece unique," said New Terracotta.

The collection comes in 44 colours and the tile shapes available in the Parquet Bisque collection include square, rectangle, chevron, hexagon, diamond and circle.

Product: Parquet Bisque
Brand: New Terracotta
Contact: [email protected]

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