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WS46x culinary warming drawer 400 series by Gaggenau

Culinary warming drawer 400 series by Gaggenau

Dezeen Showroom: part of Gaggenau's 400 series, the culinary warming drawer is capable of functions as diverse as heating plates, proofing dough and slow cooking, according to the kitchen brand.

The 400 series culinary warming drawer can slow-cook, heat, dry, melt and defrost items at temperatures ranging from 30 to 80 degrees Celsius.

WS46x culinary warming drawer 400 series by Gaggenau
The culinary warming drawer can be used to warm crockery as well as heat food

The touch display on the inside of the drawer lets users choose from a range of predefined heating modes — including slow cooking, food warming, or heating of cups and plates — or use direct temperature control to set the heat.

According to Gaggenau, the drawer has optimal heat distribution for slow cooking and is easy to clean thanks to a hygienic stainless steel interior with a glass base.

WS46x culinary warming drawer 400 series by Gaggenau
It comes in two sizes that can be integrated into a variety of kitchen layouts

The soft-close drawer is available with a height of either 140 or 290 millimetres and is designed to integrate with other appliances from the 400 or 200 series.

It comes with home network integration via the Home Connect app, which also includes recipes that make the most of the drawer's capabilities.

Product: culinary warming drawer 400 series
Brand: Gaggenau
Contact: [email protected]

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