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Image of the Embrace Sofa from behind

Embrace Sofa by Royal Stranger

Dezeen Showroom: Portuguese furniture brand Royal Stranger has launched a curvy low-lying sofa, which is upholstered in a tactile boucle fabric made from mohair and alpaca wool.

The Embrace Sofa features four legs and a curved tubular back that defines the overall shape of the piece.

Image of the Embrace Sofa in a warehouse
The Embrace Sofa has a curvy shape

The backrest curves around the long pill-shaped seat to adjoin the two front legs at the sides of the sofa.

"The Embrace Sofa is fond of neat lines," said Royal Stranger. "It encapsulates unique curvy shapes that spaciously entwine around the human body."

The Embrace Sofa has a textural quality
It is upholstered in Pierre Frey's Opio fabric

The sofa is upholstered in Opio, a boucle fabric developed by French textile company Pierre Frey that combines mohair with alpaca wool to create a soft, textural finish.

"The design blends comfort and warmth into your room, while simultaneously holding a unique, smooth aesthetic," said the brand.

"Embrace Sofa will bond with joyful meetings, book readings, and long naps – allowing a contagious sentiment of serenity to dwell in every self."

Product: Embrace Sofa
Brand: Royal Stranger
Contact: [email protected]

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Embrace Sofa by Royal Stranger
Embrace Sofa by Royal Stranger
Embrace Sofa by Royal Stranger
Embrace Sofa by Royal Stranger