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Kohler launches Anthem shower collection for an immersive showering experience

Promotion: bathroom brand Kohler has revealed a new collection of shower valves and controls that are designed to offer users an immersive showering experience, tailored to their exact specifications and needs.

Kohler's Anthem is available in both analogue and digital control panels, which can control up to six appliances that offer temperature and flow strength control.

Anthem works alongside the brand's new Statement showering collection – a combination of hand showers, body sprays, rainheads and showerheads, which can be independently adjusted to suit the user's temperature and water flow preference.

Both Statement and Anthem collections are offered in four finishes: Polished Chrome, Vibrant Brushed Nickel, Matte Black and Vibrant Brushed Moderne Brass.

Shower collection in a golden finish
The Statement and Anthem collections come in a range of finishes

"Every aspect of the new Anthem valves and controls from Kohler have been thoughtfully designed to give users a truly immersive showering experience, tailored to their exact specifications and altered according to their needs," said Kohler.

"With two valve platforms to choose from – mechanical and digital – and meticulously engineered to fit global plumbing standards, these precision systems elevate the showering routine to a next-level sensory event, further expanding Kohler's industry-leading approach to digital showering."

Anthem shower collection
The Statement and Anthem collections aim to help users change the water temperature and flow

"Each outlet can be independently adjusted to suit the user’s specific temperature and flow desires, such as a soft, warm spray from the overhead rainhead along with strong, hot massage from the hand shower," the brand continued.

"Users can mix and match to their heart's content and then program up to 10 favorite presets to revisit anytime."

The analogue controls feature dials that control the flow and temperature,  while digital controls offer a single dial with universal icons for each function.

Anthem shower collection
Statement and Anthem are designed to work together to create an "immersive experience"

Anthem valves interface with Kohler's Konnect app, which offers further control over the valves, including maximum shower temperature, shower duration, water usage, and a "warm-up mode" that can purge cold water before users enter the shower.

The app can be paired with voice assistants, allowing for voice control over the anthem valves.

"A really great shower is based highly on personal preference and should be completely within the control of the user," said vice president of Kohler Industrial Design, Lun Cheak Tan.

"We have developed the Anthem valves and controls to empower bathers with the ability to manipulate flow, temperature and sprays to achieve a personalised wellbeing experience."

Anthem shower collection
Users can control the water amount, flow and temperature

Founded in Wisconsin and now seeing over 50 global manufacturing locations, Kohler specialises in bathroom and kitchen products.

The brand also creates furniture, tiles, engines, and generators, and operates luxury resorts and golf courses as part of its Destination Kohler brand.

To view more of Kohler's products, visit its website.

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