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Modern Age wellness studio with 3form resin interiors

Modern Age longevity clinic creates calm with 3form resin interiors

Promotion: longevity clinic Modern Age has opened its flagship studio in New York City, with an interior design featuring translucent 3form materials, which aims to create a welcoming environment.

The Modern Age studio offers a wide range of treatments and products, including IV drip therapy, botox and wrinkle relaxers, vitamins and hormone therapy.

The flagship clinic was designed in-house by the brand's head of studio design Madelynn Ringo, who wanted to create a calm and welcoming environment for clients undertaking treatments.

Translucent lilac 3form Chroma resin panel half encloses a photo booth at the Modern Age clinic
The Modern Age studio uses translucent 3form Chroma resin throughout its interior

To achieve a futuristic look, 3form's Chroma resin material was chosen to feature in several places to create consistency throughout the interior while conjuring the desired mood.

Chroma is a thick resin that 3form describes as offering high clarity and light transmission, which is durable and cleanable enough to be used even for horizontal applications such as tables, benches, boxes and counters.

Its look is highly customisable with an array of finishes, diffusions and effects, and a choice of more than 250 colours.

Suite at the Modern Age studio with a treatment bed in the foreground and peachy coral resin door in the background
A peachy coral hue of Chroma was chosen for the suite doors

Ringo wanted to create private spaces within the studio without reducing the light transmission, so she used Chroma in a peachy coral hue to make translucent pocket doors for the suites, and then applied the material again as shelving in the retail area to tie the interior together.

The material helps the space to look glowy and inviting and has the advantage of being easy to work with.

"3form's materials are similar to glass, but are much lighter weight," said Ringo. "This allows us to fabricate it in other ways that would be too heavy if we tried to use glass."

"Sometimes we can send it to our fabricators to craft into different shapes, which is easier and safer to cut than glass onsite."

Retail area of the Modern Age studio with orange resin display shelves
The same colour is echoed in the retail area's resin shelves

Modern Age was also keen to work with environmentally friendly materials, and 3form's material has the GreenGuard Gold certification for being low in chemical emissions and the Declare Label disclosing all of the ingredients in the final product.

Ringo completed the space with more textured materials and finishes that provide a contrast to Chroma. They are also meant to hint at the ageing process and the beauty of imperfections.

"Everyone has their own imperfections and we highlight that through the materiality of the space," said Ringo. "The dramatic veins in the natural terracotta tiles showcase imperfect texture, similar to that of a landscape changing over time. The walls are textured with a limewash finish to create a painterly texture and express the brush strokes made by the human hand."

3form is an American brand that manufactures a range of resin, glass and felt materials for various architectural applications. In addition to its environmental sustainability goals, it also holds a Just Label, which recognises its social justice and equity outcomes.

Visit 3form's website for more information on Chroma and its other products.

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