Aline pendant light by Afteroom for Pholc

Dezeen Showroom: Stockholm-based design studio Afteroom has created a minimalist, cone-shaped pendant light for Swedish brand Pholc that intends to balance functionality and a sleek appearance.

Aline is a versatile light that features a low-key profile and a translucent lampshade with a matte surface, designed to cast an even glow of light.

Pendant light
Aline is a minimalist pendant light

The shade is fitted with a powder-coated disk, which adds a colourful touch to the lamp's materials.

"Aline is simply sophisticated and thoughtful, designed to fit anywhere and anytime," said Pholc.

"It effortlessly produces a timeless impression that is well worth repeating in any room and in any setting."

Aline by Pholc and Afteroom
Pholc designed the product in collaboration with Afteroom

The lamp was created by Pholc and Afteroom with an understated yet sleek design that aims to create a balance between soft shapes and strict angles.

"In its purest shape, the cone represents one of the most common perceptions of how a pendant lamp is supposed to look – an ideal starting point for us," said Afteroom co-founder Hung-Ming Chen.

"Together with Pholc's design team, we challenged proportions and materiality to find an honest, thoughtful, and simple design. The result is a pendant lamp with perfectly balanced functionality and aesthetics."

Product: Aline
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