Twig seating by Alexander Loterszatin for Derlot

Twig seating by Alexander Lotersztain for Derlot

Dezeen Showroom: created by designer Alexander Lotersztain, Derlot's Twig seating for indoors and outdoors has a biophilic structure informed by nature. 

The Twig seating, first designed in 2008, is modelled on boughs of trees, with the idea that the units can be placed adjacent to each other to create a larger, more branching form.

Twig seating by Alexander Loterszatin for Derlot
The Twig seating creates natural meeting points along its branches

This biophilic shape has the effect of creating natural meeting points in the crooks of its branches, which aims to encourage social interaction.

The standard version of the seating is made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) plastic for outdoor use and can be optionally illuminated from within.

Twig seating by Alexander Loterszatin for Derlot
There are versions for both indoors and out

For indoors, there is an upholstered version, which can be covered in any fabric or leather.

The Twig collection is fully recyclable, and the units are available with or without seating backs.

Product: Twig
Designer: Alexander Lotersztain
Brand: Derlot
Contact: [email protected]

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