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Photograph of blue carpet beneath sofa

Desso Origin carpet tile collection designed by Tarkett

Dezeen Showroom: French flooring brand Tarkett has released a collection of carpet tiles that are made with the lowest circular carbon footprint in Europe, according to the brand.

Desso Origin collection contains two designs named Recharge and Retrace that contain up to 61.1 per cent recycled content.

Photograph of beige and sage green carpet beneath table
Each tile has a mottled and irregular finish

Both tiles have a stippled texture that varies slightly between the two designs. For example, Retrace is inspired by the carpet tile recycling process as a whole, while Recharge "evokes the upcycled chalk used in the manufacture of EcoBase backing".

Recharge and Retrace come in the same spectrum of 20 colours, ranging from warm and cool neutrals to rich earth tones.

Photograph of yellow and orange carpet beneath table
They are designed to be taken apart and used to make new tiles at the end of their lifespan

Tarkett places emphasis on utilising circular, closed-loop systems when developing its carpet tile products, which are also 100 per cent recyclable.

For example, Recharge and Retrace are manufactured using 100 per cent green energy and are designed to be reduced to their constituent parts at the end of their usage, then returned to their raw material state and used to manufacture new tiles, according to Tarkett.

Product: Desso Origin carpet tile collection
Brand: Tarkett
Contact: [email protected]

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