Cloe rug Sit-in

Cloe rug collection by Sit-in

Dezeen Showroom: Italian brand Sit-in has launched a collection of rugs designed to add "a touch of colour and freshness" to living spaces.

The Cloe collection from Sit-in is made up of soft, thick-pile rugs that can be used in a range of settings.

Circular Cloe rug
Cloe rugs are available in circular or rectangular cuts

Six colours are available: peach, rope, stone, teal, terracotta and vandyke, with a choice of a circular shape or three different sizes in rectangular form.

"Its versatility, combined with comfort and design, make it the perfect complement to furnish any living space," said the brand.

Cloe rug in teal
The polyamide rugs are soft but durable

"The lively tones are ideal to add a touch of colour and freshness to your children's bedrooms," it added.

The rugs are made of durable and easy-to-clean polyamide and woven in Italy, which is also recyclable.

"Sit-in rugs enrich the style of the room by adding a wonderful touch of softness and elegance to your living spaces," said the brand. "A home to live and love."

Product: Cloe
Brand: Sit-in
Contact: [email protected]

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Cloe rug collection by Sit-in
Polyamide rug from Sit-in