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Office space with chairs around a table

Follow Meeting Cone by Mara

Dezeen Showroom: office furniture brand Mara has released a table with a conical base and adjustable tabletop that is operated by a mechanical component.

Follow Meeting Cone is an iteration of the brand's Follow Me tables, which pioneered a mechanical height-adjusting system that accommodates both sitting and standing working positions.

Office space with chairs around a table
The table comes in a range of coloured finishes

The table's conical-shaped base gives it a sculptural silhouette, in contrast with other more utilitarian office tables.

Follow Meeting Cone is designed to be used in residential settings as well as workplaces, according to the brand.

Table in tall position
The table has a mechanical system that raises and lowers the tabletop

The base and top are connected via a telescopic metal upright that appears when the top is raised.

Follow Meeting Cone is available in a wide range of finishes for both base and tabletop.

Product: Follow Meeting Cone
Brand: Mara
Contact: [email protected]

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Close up of tabletop
Table in lowered position
Table in rising position